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31 Jan
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The Bachelor: Season 17 Ep. 4 Recap

Once again, the episode starts off with Sean having his shirt off. This season has been terrible to watch so far, especially this past episode. I think it has something to do with how boring these dates are. Whatever happened to the contestants heading off to a private island or some tropical place? This season they haven't left the city, really. Hope it picks up, because it's losing my attention.


Sean (a conservative Christian) picks up Selma (who was born a Muslim) in a limo where they get dropped off at a private jet and they head to Joshua Tree National Park. Yes, Sean took an Iraqi to a desert but only because he wanted her to feel like she was at home.

The two went rock climbing and later had dinner at an RV park. Besides the limo and private jet, this was a very boring date but Selma was able to keep my attention. She told America that she weighs 110 pounds. Could weigh more if there was anything in her brain.

Selma told Sean she wanted to kiss him, but she couldn't because it’s against her religion to kiss on television and her mom would kill her. Why would she come on The Bachelor? Sean gave her a rose, but I bet that's the last one she receives.

Group Date

bach ep4-derbySean decided it would be sexy if he took the girls to Roller Derby. Not to watch, but to actually do it. Right away I knew this wasn't going to go over well when I saw Sarah on the date. Who's the dummy at ABC that thought it would be good for her to go on this date? She was crying and I felt so bad for her, but she persevered through it after Sean talked to her. Nice girl and I feel sorry for her, but she's getting annoying. She won't be on much longer.

Amanda said she has done Roller Derby but I disagree. This girl’s teeth are HUGE as well as her head. She looks like a horse at the Kentucky Derby. Maybe she raced there. Anyways, she face-planted and I'm not sure how she didn't chip a tooth with how big they are. She went to the hospital and I wonder if ABC is paying for all these medical bills?

Later that night Sean took the girls to a hotel for wine and make-out sessions. This is where Tierra put on her drama display.  She even told us, “I hate drama." So basically she hates herself.  Tierra gets crazier every episode and I hope she doesn't stick around much longer. I don't even know what Sean sees in her, her butt is the size of Texas. She got the rose on the group date because she threatened to leave.

Before the end of the date, Amanda came back from the hospital. She looked like she ran into a clown on the way to the date and traded outfits with him. When Sean saw her, he said one of the greatest lines in Bachelor history: "Hey, there you are. Let's go spend some time together. How's your mouth feeling?" Just a beautiful comment.

Second One-on-One

Leslie H. finally gets her time with Sean and it was hard to watch. Sean took her to some store to try on dresses or something. I'm not really sure, I was clipping my toenails and that was more interesting to me than this date. Sean didn't give her a rose and sent her packing. Back at the house, the girls saw the intern come in, pick up Leslie's bags and leave. The girls just couldn't believe she was gone and one of them said, "Oh, my god, that's not right." I think it was a great decision. She’s a loser.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony

Everyone is annoyed that Tierra had a rose because of the stunt she pulled. Just like every other night of the rose ceremony, girls are talking smack and complaining about their alone time. I'm starting to get sick of it.

One girl stood out at this party and it was Catherine. We don't know much about her, but it seems like Sean and his tongue are very interested in her. This is usually the time when the girl who wins it all starts to be shown more. So far we don't know much about her or Daniella. No way does Daniella stay in it any longer, but Catherine is a possibility. We shall see.

Kicked Off

Leslie H. and Amanda

My Top 4

Lesley M

Mike Davies

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